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Your credit card will be billed for access to the training site and all material and services. Your statement will reflect a charge from "AIS System".

Any questions regarding billing or your membership dues can be submitted via email, or through the contact form in the members area...

Warranties and Guarantees
AIS System offers no warranties or guaranties of any kind, either express or implied. Our elite training is effort-based and therefore the success of your online business depends on your ability to apply the techniques and strategies you will get access to within the members' area.

Service Cancellations and Refunds
Membership in the "AIS System" elite internet marketing training program can be cancelled without reason at anytime by calling the customer service number or through email. Due to trade secret protection and copyrighted material, under no circumstance will refunds be issued outside the refund period.

Copyrights and Reproduction
"AIS System" is a registered trademark and Automated Income Stream LLC. reserves all rights. All content in any format is copyright and proprietary material and can not be redistributed without written consent from corporate officials.

Trade secrets, tactics, and strategies involved in this training course are to be used on your own website for your financial gain only. Sharing this information with non-members will result in immediate termination of member benefits.

Contact and Privacy Rights
By enrolling you agree to receive elite training materials including lessons, newsletters, and offers from "AIS System", Automated Income Stream LLC, or its associates.



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